Online Roulette in the United Kingdom for Free or Real Money

Roulette is, with no doubt, one of the most popular online casino table games in the market. The game is not only appealing to punters but also has simple rules to learn and play.

Many gamblers are attracted to roulette games because of the wide range of betting options such as single numbers, group numbers, and red/black. Once the bet is set, the wheel will be spun by the dealer and the pocket where the ball land becomes the winning number or bet.

Unlike Blackjack, where you require skills to play and win, the outcome in Roulette cannot be influenced as it is a pure game of chance. The advantage of playing online Roulette is that you can select from a vast selection of variations such as European, American, and French, among other versions.

Players can choose to play either free Roulette for fun or opt for the real money version for a chance to win decent payouts.

Numerous casinos in the UK offer free roulette spins, among many other bonuses, when players sign up or deposit funds using a specific payment option. In this article, we have provided everything you need to know about Roulette online casino game. We have included the rules of playing, betting principles, strategies for real money, how the game works, and more.

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Play Roulette Wheel Games Online for Free

Free online roulette games are available at leading online casinos in the UK and around the world. The advantage of playing these games is that you don’t have to spend a single dime to spin the wheel.

Some of these games are awarded to players as part of the welcome bonus, while others are designed to help new players to practice before they choose whether or not to play the real money version.

Numerous casinos in the UK allow players to enjoy free online roulette variants like French Roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette. What excites most gamers with the roulette wheel free play is that you play with the same rules, bets, and different bonus features.

Why Play Roulette for Fun with no Real Money?

Since Roulette is considered the simplest table game, many players tend to ignore the free versions. They argue that Roulette is only enjoyable when real money is involved. However, there are many benefits that are enjoyed by people who choose to play Roulette for fun with no real money. Some of the reasons for spinning the roulette wheel free play are:

A Great Learning Opportunity

The best way to sharpen your gaming style is by taking advantage of the free play version. You will be able to learn about the rules of playing, types of bets and odds, house edge, and much more about the game before you risk your hard-earned cash. It is essential to understand that some roulette games will come with different betting structures and special wagers, which is why the free play version will help you to know in case they are available.

Familiarize with Casino Site

If you plan to play high roller stakes, it is highly recommended that you start with the free play before you advance to real money. Playing free roulette games helps you to familiarize yourself with the casino site you are using – the available payment options, bonuses, customer support, control panel, etc.

Create New Winning Strategies

When you play casino Roulette free games, you will be able to develop a strategy that will help you to beat the dealer or casino. The free play games allow you to know which strategy works best for you, depending on the bankroll or other factors.

Test Different Variants

As aforementioned, there are many variants of roulette online free games, ranging from American to European Roulette. You can try out these free play roulette games and decide on the one that suits your experience and budget.

How to Find the Best Free Roulette Games

When playing the free online roulette games, some elements will help you to tell whether the game is good and worth your time. Here are some of the features to help you find the best free roulette games in the market:

  • Free Play and Real Money: The best free roulette game must have the real money version for players who may decide to risk their money.
  • Bonus Features: A good free roulette game should have different bonus features to help new players to learn how they work and reward.
  • Compatibility: Free play roulette games should be optimized to be compatible with all devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.
  • Multiple Bet Options: When you play Roulette for free, you should be able to use as many bets as possible. This will help you to know the high and low-value bets in the game.
  • Instant Play: Playing the instant free roulette game will save you the time and energy of downloading applications on your device.

What is Roulette Wheel?

The roulette wheel is the large circular plate-like device that is marked with different colors and numbers. The first thing you need to understand about Roulette is the logic of the game and the reason it is designed in that way. Although the numbers on the roulette wheel will appear to be random at first, veteran players understand that the numbering on European and American wheels are different. However, the design of the wheel does not interfere with the arithmetic value of the game. Besides the numbers, the roulette wheels are marked with red and black colors in an alternating pattern. The even and odd numbers are evenly distributed on the wheel across all versions.

How Does the Game Work?

Roulette works in quite a simple and straightforward way. Unlike in brick and mortar casinos where you play against human croupiers, online roulette games are built with Random Number Generator (RNG) software, except for live casino genre. The RNG software is powered by algorithms to determine the results and is tested by a recognizable agency to ensure that the outcome is unbiased. To start, players make their bets; then, the wheel will is spun.

European Roulette or American Roulette

There are two main versions of Roulette that are widely played in the UK; European and American Roulette. These two games feature many differences in terms of rules of playing and the house edge. One of the most noticeable differences is that the European version has a single zero, while American Roulette has double zeros. Another difference is that the European Roulette has a total of 37 pockets, and the American version has 38 pockets.

Additionally, the two versions come with varying rules of playing. The en prison rule works in European Roulette but is not applicable in the American version. The en prison rules reduce the house edge to up to 1.352%. Another difference that can be spotted in the playing chips; American Roulette is played with different colors, and European roulette chips come in one color. Going by the various features in each variant, European Roulette is the top most recommended version as it has a low edge, and the rules are simple to understand.

Rules of Roulette Wheel Games

Roulette is rather a simple game, and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy or genius to spin the wheel and win. As you are aware, a roulette wheel is made of a spinning plate marked with divisions around the edge. Note that the number of pockets will vary depending on whether you are playing the European or American version.

European Wheel Layout: 0-32-15-19-4-21-2-25-17-34-6-27-13-36-11-30-8-23-10-5-24-16-33-1-20-14-31-9-22-18-29-27-7-28-12-35-3-26

American Wheel Layout: 0-28-9-26-30-11-7-20-32-17-20-32-17-5-22-34-15-3-24-36-13-1-00-27-10-2529-12-8-19-31-18-6-21-33-16-4-23-35-14-2

The ball and wheel are spun in different directions, and the pocket where it settles after circling becomes the winning number or pocket. The objective of the game is to correctly guess where the ball will stop.

Players can choose to bet on single numbers, group numbers, high/low numbers, red/black or odd/even in online Roulette and the odds will vary with each wager.

The Surrender rule in American Roulette allows players to surrender half of the stake when you play outside bet, but the ball lands on neither of them.

With the En Prison rule, the player has two options when the zero shows up:

  • Take half of the bet and lose the remaining half
  • Leave the bet and play the next spin

The La Partage rule works more like the En Prison, but there is no option when a zero shows up.

The live roulette tables can only accommodate seven players while their online counterparts can serve an unlimited number of players.

The general rule of Roulette requires all players to make their bets before the croupier spins the wheel to determine the winner.

Choosing the Type of Roulette

Although the best way to experience the thrill of Roulette is in a brick and mortar casino, not many people have the chance to access these venues. As such, many people opt for online casinos that offer different variations. Online gaming is flexible, convenient, and the prizes are relatively bigger. But what are some of the aspects to consider when choosing the type of Roulette to play free online?

House Edge and RTP

The single zero online Roulette has a standard theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.30%, which means it comes with a low house edge of 2.70%. Many punters go for the online version because they are guaranteed additional bonuses to boost their wins.

Special Bets

Playing roulette games that come with additional special bets increases your chances of winning bigger payouts.


Although Roulette has a standard rule of playing, it may vary depending on the variation you choose to play. You should select a variant that is not complicated, as the European Roulette.


There are several strategies that can be used to increase the chances of winning in Roulette. Depending on the Roulette version you choose, you can use the Martingale system, Paroli system, or the Gun and Run Martingale.

Betting Principles

The betting principles in Roulette are simple to follow, but you must behave sufficient information before you join any table for real money gambling. Though there are many roulette betting principles, only one can be used in each game round. Basically, there are two groups of roulette bets: inside and outside chances.

  • Outside Bets: The bets are placed on the outer numbered zone, and the chip is placed on red/black, column, even or odd or high/low.
  • Inside Bets: The chips are placed on single numbers, and they offer bigger odds of winning massive payouts.
    Below are the overall possible payouts and winning probabilities for each roulette bet:
Bet Payout European Win % American Win %
Red or Black (18 numbers) 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Even or Odd (18 numbers) 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Low or High (18 numbers) 1:1 48.65% 47.37%
Dozen (12 numbers) 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Column (12 numbers) 2:1 32.43% 31.58%
Double Street (6 numbers) 5:1 16.22% 15.79%
First Five (5 numbers) 6:1 13.6%
Corner (4 numbers) 8:1 10.81% 10.53%
Street (3 numbers) 11:1 8.11% 7.89%
Split (2 numbers) 17:1 5.41% 5.26%
Straight (single number) 35:1 2.70% 2.63%

Best Roulette Wheel Strategies for Real Money

If you enjoy spinning the roulette wheel for real money, you probably are looking for the best strategies to increase your chances of winning more. Although the strategies we have shared are not a 100% guarantee that you will win, they will help you to reduce the house edge of the game. Some of the strategies to use when you play Roulette online are:

European Roulette Strategy

The low house edge of 2.7% makes European Roulette a favorite title among many players. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you play the outside bet, although the wins will not be big.

American Roulette Strategy

There are two types of American roulette betting systems: progressive and non-progressive. The size of the next wager depends on the results of the previous round in a progressive system, while the size of the wager is fixed and independent in non-progressive systems.

Martingale Strategy

This strategy requires you to double your bets after you lose, with the hope of recovering all lost bets and gain profit. The Martingale system works only if you are consistent with doubling on your losses. Like other gambling systems, Martingale has some strengths and weaknesses.

D’Alembert Strategy

If you want a less risky and simple betting system, then you should use the D’Alembert roulette strategy. This strategy works by increasing and decreasing your wager by 1 dollar and is placed on even money. This system requires you to have sufficient bankroll to benefit.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci sequence is one of the oldest systems and one that can be used to reduce the house edge in Roulette. The logic in this system is that every number after the first two is the total of the previous ones. The strategy works by adding the last two wagers together.

James Bond Strategy

This strategy requires a stake of $200 while playing Roulette, and is wagered as follows:

  • Stake $140 on high numbers (19-36)
  • Stake $50 on numbers 13 to 18
  • Stake $10 on 0 for insurance

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning in Online Roulette?

Even though Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to play, you still need to learn how to increase your chances of winning. Here are some you can use to win more in roulette games:

Play European Roulette

European Roulette is the best option, especially if you prefer playing online. Generally, the house odds of this version are lower compared to those offered by American Roulette. The latter version has an edge of 5.27%, while European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%.

Put aside a Budget for Gambling

Before you start playing real money roulette, it is wise to have a separate account for gambling to avoid interfering with your budget. Having a gambling bankroll will help you to know how much you need to wager and the possible profit to expect. It is essential to master some bankroll management skills before you gamble.

Don’t Let Emotions Drive You

It is normal to go into some degree of gambling tilt, especially if you are new to the online roulette wheel. For instance, you lead all the way, and then your opponent beats you at the last minute. You will definitely get angry and furious. But this fades as one gains experience and skills in the game. Some of the tips of avoiding gambling tilt include playing with limits, understanding that losing is normal, focus, and trust in the process, among others.

Know When to Stop

Knowing when to stop will help you to avoid spending your winnings or overspending on your budget. You should always set the time and amount you would like to spend before you start playing any online roulette game. You need to be patient when you want to make the most from playing Roulette online.

Practice Online

Online free Roulette is available to new players who want to learn how the game work, the types of bets, and possible strategies of winning. Many online casinos offer free Roulette online as well as real money to cover people with different experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know that a casino is legit?

Several factors are used to tell whether an online casino is legit. The first thing is to check the licensing and regulatory authority. If you are new, you don’t have to worry because our site is created to help you find secure and legit casinos. All UK based online casinos must bear the seal of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Can I live off playing Roulette?

Roulette is a table casino game where the outcome is purely based on chance. This means that the winnings are not guaranteed on every spin you play. Like in other variants, the casino always has an advantage over players in Roulette. The best way to gain from Roulette is to play it as a hobby.

Can I start playing Roulette for Free with no Real Money?

Yes. There are numerous online casinos where you can start playing Roulette for fun, no money. All you need to start spinning is a smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection. Roulette Free play version is good for novices who are still learning how the rules work.

Is there a minimum budget to start playing Roulette for real money?

Yes. Before you start playing Roulette for real money, you need to have set aside the money you wish to gamble. The amount you are required to deposit will vary depending on the casino site and type of table you are using.

The History of Roulette

The roulette table game has been around for quite some centuries and has gone through a different evolution process to become the thrilling game we play today. Roulette is believed to have started in France, Europe, before spreading to other corners of the world. It was Blaise Pascal – a renowned French Physicist and mathematician – who invented the first French Roulette Wheel back in 1655.

In 1843, the first single zero (0) roulette was created by two Frenchmen to help attract more players to casinos. Roulette arrived in New Orleans, America, in the 1700s, and quickly became popular, thanks to the efforts of French immigrants. The first versions of Roulette to be played in the US were slightly different from the current ones in that they had 28 pockets plus the 0 or 00. The onset of the internet contributed significantly to the spread of Roulette in casinos. Today, many people play different roulette variants from the comfort of their homes and win real money.

Play Roulette Online for Fun or Real Money

Roulette is so popular that a casino without it is considered incomplete. There are numerous reasons why both new and seasoned players choose to spin the roulette wheel.

  1. Convenient: Since not everyone can access land-based casinos, online Roulette available to be played from the coziness of the house or on the go.
  2. Variety of Games: Online casinos allow players to enjoy different variants of Roulette without having to create accounts at various sites.
  3. No Closing Hours: Unlike brick and mortar casinos that have working hours, their online counterparts offer services 24 hours 7 days.
  4. Free Versions: You can play free online roulette games and learn how they work before you choose to gamble your money. Some casinos allow you to play the free version without registration.
  5. Game Stats: With online casinos, you can easily track your record playing record by checking the statistics of the previous games.
  6. Playing Speed: You can set to play at any speed that suits you with online roulette games or opt for Autoplay, where you just relax and wait for your winnings. online casino real money nz
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